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| 19 Feb 2018
Barn-find legend Lamborghini Miura S up for sale

Close your eyes and imagine that it’s 1980 something.

You're cruising through the countryside in your ’69 Miura S, rocking out to the Rolling Stones. You drive up your long, dusty driveway, past the cornfields, and pull into your old open barn. You shut her off, get out and close the barn door behind you...

More than 30 years later a gentleman in Florida is surfing the web for interesting and unique cars, when he happens upon an ad that piques his interest. The picture and the description just don't match, so he calls the number. The seller doesn't have any accurate information, claiming it is a “one-off 1967 Lamborghini SS” – which, as the gentleman knows, doesn't exist.

After an exchange of photographs, he realises what it is that he's looking at… and yes, it's a Miura.

Barn-find legend Lamborghini Miura S up for sale
An actual barn find. In a barn

This, as you might have guessed by now, is a true story.

The owner had bought the Miura in 1971 and although it is unclear exactly when it was parked, the combination of the 28k miles on the odometer and the last-known registration date points to sometime around 1985.

Closer inspection of the photographs confirmed that the Miura was preserved exactly as it was the day it was parked in that barn. It had the original paint, the original Pirelli CN12 tires, the original plastic cap on the clutch reservoir – everything, untouched, unchanged for almost 30 years.

They say that actual Barn finds are made of myths and legends; this, however, is the real deal.

Barn-find legend Lamborghini Miura S up for sale
Rolling Stones cassette not pictured

Within hours the paperwork was done and a deposit was sent. A few days later, the Florida gentleman was driving past those same cornfields, up that same dusty drive, to that same old barn. And when he swung the door open, he could hardly believe his eyes. There, amongst years of discarded junk, under a more then an inch of dust, sat a 1969 Lamborghini Miura S.

The Rolling Stones cassette was still in the cassette player. Literally untouched for almost 30 years.

After being relocated from its hiding spot, the Miura was brought back to Florida, where it sat in an art gallery, no longer covered in dust, but still original. It was then sold to a well known professional athlete, and has remained in his personal collection until now.

Barn-find legend Lamborghini Miura S up for sale
The Miura S is beautifully preserved and ready for sale

This Miura S, born in 1969, was the second off the production line: #3802. A total of 140 were produced that year, and although it's unclear how many remain, this is the earliest production Miura known. It is also the only one known with clear window louvres.

From it’s sleek, sexy lines to its tremendous speed, the Miura S will always be one of the most iconic cars in history. In short, this is more then just a car: it is the original supercar.

A wise man once said, "You can restore a car 100 times, but it can only be original once." Well this Miura is an original. And now it could be yours. 

This beautiful classic will be crossing the block at the Auto Retro HyperCar Auction presented by Hollywood Wheels on 9 March 2018, in the Ballrooms at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation

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