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2-door 2-seater coupé/convertible.

First seen as a projected TVR at Geneva in 1965, this became the Trident in later years, with Austin-Healey 3000 chassis/floorpan/suspensions, and GRP body shell. Modified TR6 chassis for the seventies. Ford-USA power at first, then briefly Chrysler, then back to Ford at the end. Built only to special order, Trident production was marginal for years. Looked more exiting than it was - the rear axle was beam on A-H chassis'd cars, rear brakes were drums, the ride hard and ventilation in adequate.

Technical Specifications

225 approx, all models 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1967 to 1978  
Number produced:
4727cc/4950cc/5562cc (V8 OHV)