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CITROEN CX200/2200/2400/2500

4-door 5-seater saloon/7-seater estate.

Successor to DS, introduced 19 years later, this time with transverse engine and new transmission. All usual hydraulics, sighs and wheezes in smoother wind0cheating style, plus enormous estate versions. No convertibles this time, but diesel-engined models from 1976, and 2.5-litres for 1984. Reflex/Athena had overhead-cam Peugeot engine. Also limited number of long-wheelbase 'Prestige' saloons, with most power and plush.

Technical Specifications

1985cc/1995cc/2347cc/2500cc petrol, 2175cc/2500cc diesel (S4 Tr OHV, except 1995cc (S4 Tr OC) 
Front engine, front-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1974 to 1989  
Number produced: