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BMW 5-SERIES (four cylinder)

4-door 5-seater saloon.

First new mid size BMW saloon for more than a decade, introduced in Munich at same time as Olympic Games. Made at ex-Glas Dingolfiing plant, with conventional all-steel monocoque plus usual overhead cam engine, all independent suspension and driver-efficient equipment. All cars with four cylinder engine at first, and choice of carbs or injection (115/125bhp). Down-market 518 from 1974, and 'small' six in 1977, but down-market cars continued to end. Slight bonnet-peak face-lift from autumn 1976. Mildly re-styled cars took over in 1981, made until 1987.

Technical Specifications

1766cc/1990cc (S4 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1972 to 1981  
Number produced: