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BMW 2800CS

2-door 4-seater coupé.

First major updating of 2000CS coupé style, with longer wheelbase (103.3ins instead of 100.4ins), all new front structure and sheet metal, plus latest 170bhp straight-six engine. Underneath, a half-and-half reworking of the 'chassis', having new sloping-strut ifs, but original 2000-type rear end and underside. Same passenger cabin/rear as 2000CS, but new four-headlamp nose, set to remain to 1975 and 3.0CSL. Power steering standard, and top speed nearly 130mph. Only an interim car, soon out gunned by 3-litre version, but still very attractive.

Technical Specifications

2788cc (S6 OC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1968 to 1971  
Number produced: