Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 19/10/2014

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Walton Bridge Breakfast Club

Sunday 19th October 2014

09:00hrs - 12:00hrs (approx)

Walton Lane Riverside Car Park,
Surrey, KT12 1QW (ish)

Walton Bridge Breakfast Club is back again and I want all of you fine people to be there...! This little meet just keeps getting better and better so do try and come down and have a peek...!!!

Come along to the glorious riverside in Walton-on-Thames for some good old fried grub (no calorie counting here thanks!!!), a mug of hot tea and a chance to have a look at a superb and varied selection of wonderful classic vehicles...

This is just a little, local meet so all makes & types of classic vehicle are more than welcome to attend... Variation is the key here so don't be shy! Cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and planes (or maybe not planes!!!) are all welcome if that's what you've got!!!

Please be aware that although the car park is pretty large other members of the public will be using it also so it is all based on a first come, first gets a space rule...

Please drive carefully and responsibly in the car park as other people will be carelessly wandering around in there...!!! Caution is the key...

Bring your vehicle, bring your family, bring your friends and don't forget to bring a camera!

So please do spread the word far and wide and let everyone (and I mean everone!) know about this as I want this to be a ruddy good one...

See you there (I hope!)...

For more info' please email me on waltonbridgeclassics@hotmail.co.uk

* Future WBBC meets...

Sunday 14th December 09:00-12:00

2015 meets TBC

Joined: 2011-05-31

If any of you good people are interested in this meet please do give me a sign...!!!

Either pop a quick response up on here or drop me an email on the above message...

It'd be great to know that the worlds greatest classic car magazine knows of my humble little meet...!

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